DIY Projects Need Honest Reviews

I love trying new and inspiring DYI crafts and recipes that I haven’t seen before. I’m a crafty (in a good way), culinary minded girl so I’ve seen and tried a lot of different things in my day. Now with the advent of Pinterest and other sites where you can visually categorize and share your favorite things, DIY pinboards and recipe boards are through the roof! It’s incredibly inspiring!

One of the things I appreciate about Food Network or Martha Stewart Living website or Instructables or any big commercial website, is that their recipes and DIY crafts are all reviewed and rated; sometimes rather harshly. Honestly, I want to know if a product or a recipe is going to come out as intended or not. I’ve seen some beautiful photos of DIY projects on Pinterest. A lot of times the picture is presented as a lovely diffused photo. Call me crazy, but I’m always suspicious of these. When you arrive at the comment section you get glowing reviews on how the craft or recipe looks but, suspiciously, none that have comments from people who’ve tried it and it either worked or didn’t. Honest reviews! That’s what I am looking for! Not from people who want to try it but from people who HAVE tried it.

I found a beautiful pomander (although I hesitate to call it that as it had no aroma – but for lack of a better term, it’s a “pretty hangy ball”) made with just a Styrofoam ball, waxed paper, string and some glue. The photo looked beautiful but I don’t know if I want to use my time making it until I see at least one review of “Yay, it worked.”

My daughter made some “cake pops” that she had found on Pinterest and many people had commented on how incredibly cute they were. Indeed they were very cute – however, no one told the truth in saying they taste like ABC cake (that’s Already Been Chewed for those of you who don’t know). They were horrid. In fact, we threw out the batch. Another similar fail was the “homemade detergent” made with borax and washing soda and Fels Naptha.  You were only supposed to have to use 1 tablespoon per load. It had tons of rave reviews on how cheap and clever was – but no one said, “you know, it’s ok for a laundry booster or some cheaper laundry detergents, but there is no way it could take the place of Tide”.  It’s usable, but not for long. I used it for a month and after the first few loads my poor clothes looked pretty dingy. It’s so disappointing to spend time and money doing things that are, in the end, a fail. C’est la vie! On to another project!

I have tried several recipes and projects and I’ve found that all but a few of them have been great! I love adding new crafts and recipes to my weekly arsenal! So it’s not like everything is bad – in fact, I would think that most of the stuff posted is actually useful, if only for some people. What I would love to see is that when bloggers post recipes or DIY projects, they tell their readers, “try it and when you’re done, come back and tell me your honest opinion”. That alone would lend so much credibility to the project or recipe!

I look forward to trying and reviewing as many things as I can. It makes life fun and interesting to try new things – especially when those new things actually work!



A Penchant for Pinterest

I am a Pinterest afficionado. It’s all about creating a scrapbook for yourself – a repository for your thoughts, ideas, and dreams – it’s a lot more than just posting pictures.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s not all sunshine and lollipops in this lovely, easy to navigate site that exudes simplicity at it’s finest. Sometimes people repin haphazardly and when you go to look at it, there is no source. That’s just darn annoying. Pinterest also has their fair share of scammers, phishers, people trying to push a business, and seedy content – but any website with over 10 million unique visitors per month is bound to have “some” issues; you just have to learn how to avoid that junk so you can get to the heart of Pinterest.

Sometimes pins are just darn hilarious. I mean, why on earth would someone crochet eggs, bacon, and toast – or knit an apple cozy? Leaves me scratching my head sometimes. There are several sites dedicated to Pinterest “fails” and some of them are crazy funny. To be sure, sometimes people post and repin things that really don’t work and if they did initially, then they must have some magic fairy in their closet or something. I have personally tried some of these failures (much to my chagrin). 🙂 And then, these same fail pins keep getting posted over and over and I just want to scream – don’t waste your time – it doesn’t work! LOL But that’s not how I roll.

In the long run though, I find new pins every day that I find useful, helpful, or just inspiring  And who couldn’t use a little of that in their life?

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