Lovely Autumn! Tis the Season to Get Back Into Knitting

Are you like me? The second the weather takes a crisp turn, I get the itch to pull out my knitting. Of course, if I was smart, I’d be planning and knitting year round but that’s not my bag baby. I’m a “whenever it strikes my fancy” kind of knitter.

I started thinking about all those stinking cold days standing around outside in whatever the weather chooses to throw out, watching my boy play soccer. Rain, sleet, snow – makes no difference; they play from September through March, three to four days a week. My son doesn’t seem to get too cold, but of course he is running around the entire time. When you are standing in a pile of snow for an hour and a half, things can get quite nippy! I decided this year, I needed leg warmers. I don’t even care that they are in fashion again – by mid winter, they’ll probably be out of fashion. I care not one iota. These babies will keep my legs warm.

I picked up some funky wool blend yarn by Red Heart – Boutique Treasure in Horizon. From there I just fiddled until I got it right. I used my awesome stainless steel 32″ circular needles – knitting in a magic loop. By the way, I love the magic loop method! It’s fantastic when you have circular needles, but not the right length. DPN’s drive me bonky so Magic loop is the way to go for me to knit very small circumference items. If you’d like to know how to work the magic – heres a YouTube video to teach you. Simple Magic Loop

My super simple leg warmers:
5.5mm or 9US circular needles
Cast on 44
Knit 2′ Purl 2 until you get to a satisfactory length. Make it longer than you think necessary.
Bind off and weave in ends.

You can make them smaller or larger- just decrease and increase as necessary.

I’m making another pair in chunky raspberry wool now! Oh the possibilities!

Wear and be warm!