Easy Stained Glass Drawings

Today my son and I made some Stained-Glass drawings. They were easy, fun, clean, and relatively quick. We used a Halloween theme of a spider web and a pumpkin but you could adapt this to any drawing. The effect is spectacular and very satisfying.

Black Construction Paper
Clear drying glue
Oil Pastels

We used Elmers clear glue for this project. (We tried Elmers white glue first, but it did not dry 100% clear.)

With your glue, draw on the black construction paper any design you have in mind. Do the outline and add some details as well.

Let it dry! You might need to let it dry overnight. I had to do this but it’s been very rainy here lately.

Once dry, choose your oil pastel colors and fill in the areas. Try not to go over the glue lines – if you do, just wipe it off. You can smudge your pastel effects by using your fingers or a tissue to smooth out lines or blend colors.

Sit back and enjoy your masterpiece!

Pumpkin at Night
Pumpkin at Night
Spider Web
Spider Web

Ode to a Jack O’Lantern

Ode to a Jack O’Lantern

Behold the jack o’ lantern
Grins aglow
Face slowly changing
Teeth sucked in, black rot, fuzzy spots
Becoming earth once more


Oh ephemeral jack o’lantern – can anything be done about it’s early demise? Truth be told – the answer is yes and no. Once you cut into your great pumpkin, the end is already near. However, there are things that can be done to prolong the life of your pumpkin – at least for a few days before tossing it into the compost heap!

There is a product called pumpkin fresh that does an amazing job of prolonging the life of Jack. But, if you don’t want to buy yet another product – try the bleach method. Use about 1 tsp. of bleach to 1 gallon of water. Spray your jack o’lantern well, inside and out, and then turn it upside down to let any extra drain out – alternately, you can just stick a paper towel or two inside of it to wick away the moisture – just remember to take the paper towel out BEFORE you throw in a candle! 😉 Spray down your pumpkin with the bleach water daily. I’ve heard recommendations smearing (ugh, I hate that word) vaseline on and in the pumpkin after the bleach treatment but that just sounds a wee bit disgusting to me. It’s tough enough to get all mucked up yanking out pumpkin guts!

So, hopefully, our jack o’lantern will last more than a day this year! Crossing my fingers!

Happy and safe Halloween

Horrid Halloween and Our Pineapple O’Lantern

I have a confession. I don’t like Halloween. It’s one of those holidays I could really live without. I have never, ever liked scary movies and don’t even think of hiding around a corner and jumping out to give me a fright – you might very well get slugged in the gut. I’m not a violent person – but when I get scared, I am ready for battle. Just a friendly warning – not that I would ever mean to hurt anyone. Just walking down the Halloween aisle at our local Walmart is enough to give me the heebie jeebies! And there is nothing so horrid as walking around a corner aisle and seeing your precious son with a bloody saw up to his neck, saying “look Mom”. Another reason I can’t wait for Halloween to be OVER is that on November 1st I pull out the Christmas tunes and step it up into high gear for the festive season! My favorite time of year!

Don’t get me wrong – even though I hate the scary stuff, I don’t begrudge my son from having fun. We have fun decorating (with cute stuff) and handing out candy and trick or treating. We always have several pumpkins to design and carve. This year we added a pineapple o’lantern. It was so fun to carve and “Piney’s” insides were very tasty! I expected it to be difficult to carve but it was way easier than a pumpkin – mind you don’t get the yummy roasted seeds from a pineapple but you do get to eat all the insides and that’s definitely a plus! So if you are looking for something different this year – try a pineapple! We just whacked off the top, scooped out the insides and carved the face. Really fun and really cute and it makes the house smell great too!

Happy and Safe Halloween!

Our Pineapple O’ Lantern

Pumpkin Painting Faux Pas

While trying to come up with some cute, yet cheap, Halloween decorations, I happened across a blog showing how to paint on windows. The instructions were great and her painting looked absolutely perfect! Plus – I happened to have all the supplies on hand – well, except for the straight edge razor needed for removing the painting. You can check out her post here: Glory’s Mischief

First of all, you have to understand, I am NOT an artist – I am horrible at Pictionary – I just like trying new things. So I got all my supplies together and went to town. I drew on the window with dry erase markers, painted my black outlines and then filled everything in. Afterwards I sat down to enjoy my handiwork and have a cup of coffee. As I am staring at the painting, I slowly realize that my giant pumpkins look less like pumpkins and more like huge lady parts! Dear Lord help me! I began feeling frantic, hoping the neighbours don’t see it (honestly, how could they miss it even if they just glanced at my house!) I sent a photo of it to my daughter who is at school in Montana right now to get her opinion. She busted a gut laughing first and then wondered why I painted huge “hoo hoo’s” on my window and hoped that no one had taken a photo and posted it on Pinterest! *hangs head in shame* Seriously, it could have been a Hustler photo shoot!

Now remember, I said I had all the supplies minus the straight edge razor in order to take off the paint. So I grabbed the next best thing – my stainless steel bench scraper! Thank the Lord it worked like a charm! After about 15 minutes I got it all off. I was sweating bullets!

Finally, after catching my breathe, I downloaded a picture of pumpkins (see, I learned!) and used that as a template to start painting a new set of pumpkins. And I think they turned out pretty cute! In fact, I think I’ll keep decorating this window for all sorts of holidays — once I find pictures I can use as a template!

Lesson Learned: Always use a pattern!