50+ Things About Me

50+ sort of useless things you probably never really wanted to know about me!

  1. I dislike peas but I love pea soup
  2. I love celery and peanut butter together – but I don’t get to eat it very often as my daughter is allergic to PB so I can’t keep it in the house.
  3. My favorite cookies are Peanut Butter – but not the kind with chunks of salty peanuts in them – however I don’t get to eat them very often because of “same reason as above”
  4. My daughter is 23 and my son is 10! Still scratching my head on how that happened!
  5. My favorite candy is Hot Tamales. Yes I know they are horrid for you and they are just sugar and food coloring but I still asked that my stocking be filled with Hot Tamales one Christmas.
  6. I have 5 sisters and two brothers.
  7. I got married when I was 21 and my husband was 20. I had to sign the rental agreement for the car on our honeymoon.
  8. I am American and Canadian
  9. My pet peeve is stepping into what I think is a nice hot bath and finding out the water is lukewarm!
  10. My favorite season is fall – before all the rain starts!
  11. I have a cat named Binoo (bee-new) who is really neurotic and a cat names Clara who is sweet as pie!
  12. I grew up in Southern California
  13. I have never broken a bone
  14. I love camping, except sleeping at night. I don’t feel safe!
  15. I am afraid of bears
  16. Once while camping without a tent and just sleeping in the open, a bear pushed his nose in my stomach and tried to roll me over. I was petrified! Now you can see why I am afraid of bears.
  17. My ultimate favorite fast food is In and Out Burger! Totally awesome!
  18. Blue Cheese Dressing is my favorite!
  19. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I can’t wait until Halloween is over then I get into Christmas gear BIG TIME! It just makes me happy!
  20. I hate it am irritated by people who text when I am talking to them. You are with “real” people now – put down the phone!
  21. I also hate it am annoyed when I go to a store and am being waited on (cashing out – whatever) and the phone rings and they stop everything to answer the phone. Hello – I took the trouble to come into the store.
  22. I love Diet Coke with Lime
  23. I hate Miracle Whip! Even thinking about it makes me cringe!
  24. I love a good salad
  25. Cherries are my favorite fruit but I hate cherry flavored things
  26. I could never work for someone who was disrespectful to me or others – I would be out of a job so fast (most likely fired)!
  27. I’ve never been to Europe – the first place I would go to is Italy
  28. My secret hiding place as a kid was between my mattress and box-spring
  29. I don’t really like audio-books
  30. I love classic books
  31. I love listening to Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble
  32. I don’t like bugs!
  33. Butterflies make me nervous – sure they are pretty but in reality they are just flying worms with really long proboscises. Creepy!
  34. My husband and I met in Texas and fell in love in Trinidad. We weren’t vacationing together – we were in YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and we were on an outreach there.
  35. To this day, I am amazed at the kindness and generosity of some the poorest people I’ve ever met in my life.
  36. A friend and I were lost in Guatemala one time. We were kicked off a bus and left in a “really” bad area. We spoke little Spanish and we were terrified as we couldn’t remember where we were staying. A young man approached us and told us to follow him. We had no other option at the time. He took us to his home which was little more than plywood sheets and corrugated metal. He told us to wait outside. A few minutes later his dad came around the corner with the young man in their car and told us to get it. He drove us around not saying a word until we found the house we were staying at.  When we got out of the car I was thanking him for helping us – he grabbed my shoulders and shook me and told me never to trust anyone again. Then he hugged me and left. It was only the grace of God! We never took the bus again in Guatemala.
  37. I was in Grenada right after the invasion.
  38. I almost drowned in Trinidad – I was rescued by 5 men. Scary business!
  39. I can format a hard drive pretty well blindfolded!
  40. I hate watching televised Basketball. The squeaky floors drive me insane!
  41. I learned to love watching hockey after I got married and moved to Canada. Go Canucks!
  42. I love Martha Stewart
  43. I love baking, cooking, crafts etc.
  44. I am a whiz at research
  45. I am my family genealogist
  46. I really need a good cuppa joe to get me started in the  morning
  47. The best thing about winter, besides Christmas is snowguys! I prefer fake ones so I don’t have to build one out in the cold.
  48. Even though I live in Canada, at heart I am still a California girl. I really miss the weather.
  49. I love grape tomatoes
  50. I played violin when I was a child – not very well either: much to the chagrin of my parents and siblings
  51. I like to sing and I’m pretty good at it
  52. I don’t like manicures or pedicures because I don’t like my feet or my nails
  53. I can play the piano and read music but I really only play so I can sing
  54. I don’t like watching TV
  55. I like making lists – it’s the only way I can really accomplish anything
  56. I once sat by Matthew Broderick and Penelope Ann Miller on a plane
  57. I am the was “first lady” of our strata – now I am just the CFO’s wife
  58. My first crush was Mikhail Baryshnikov – well, between him and Parker Stevensen – I could never decide which one I was going to marry
  59. I adore all things Disney

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