Lazy Man Kindling

I have a love/hate relationship with camping. I love the sights, the sounds, and the smells of camping. I could do without some of the smells of camping though: the spoiled milk from a not cold enough cooler, the smell of dirt on my pillow, not to mention the horrid dampness in all the bedding and clothing. I really hate sleeping at night………outside……..with wild animals. Lets just say I had a bad experience with a bear one time, nosing my stomach, trying to flip me over during one never forgotten camping trip. I think I’m actually a gosh darn good sport for even going camping nowadays at all!

Another thing I dislike about camping is that it’s a stinking lot of work! I’m really more of a hotel girl. As much as I am organized, I always forget something or remember that there are so many fantastic ideas available on the net to make your camping experience more enjoyable. I’m just not that forward thinking enough I guess. I always intend to bring my own kindling – cause when I want a fire, I want it now and I don’t want to have to go scrounging for wood pieces or watch my hubs axe off little bits of logs whole the rest of us cower in the background with our fingers on our smartphones ready to call 911 and wondering if Daddy will come home with all his fingers.

So here I sit, in May, pondering our July camp out and thinking about kindling. I’ve contemplated melting wax and pouring it over dryer lint wads loaded into paper egg cartons or scrunching up newspaper into toilet paper rolls. But my son has come up with the best idea of all. Doritos! Yes I said Doritos! Due to their wonderful, tasty, dusty, high fat content, artificial flavor coating, they make excellent kindling. They will burn long enough to get your fire stated. Who doesn’t have Doritos on hand when they go camping? It’s almost synonymous with s’mores! My son demonstrated how well they work using an old coffee can, a few Doritos, and a handy dandy BBQ lighter, and poof – cheesy goodness gusto!

Dorito Kindling

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