Easy Stained Glass Drawings

Today my son and I made some Stained-Glass drawings. They were easy, fun, clean, and relatively quick. We used a Halloween theme of a spider web and a pumpkin but you could adapt this to any drawing. The effect is spectacular and very satisfying.

Black Construction Paper
Clear drying glue
Oil Pastels

We used Elmers clear glue for this project. (We tried Elmers white glue first, but it did not dry 100% clear.)

With your glue, draw on the black construction paper any design you have in mind. Do the outline and add some details as well.

Let it dry! You might need to let it dry overnight. I had to do this but it’s been very rainy here lately.

Once dry, choose your oil pastel colors and fill in the areas. Try not to go over the glue lines – if you do, just wipe it off. You can smudge your pastel effects by using your fingers or a tissue to smooth out lines or blend colors.

Sit back and enjoy your masterpiece!

Pumpkin at Night
Pumpkin at Night
Spider Web
Spider Web

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