Pumpkin Painting Faux Pas

While trying to come up with some cute, yet cheap, Halloween decorations, I happened across a blog showing how to paint on windows. The instructions were great and her painting looked absolutely perfect! Plus – I happened to have all the supplies on hand – well, except for the straight edge razor needed for removing the painting. You can check out her post here: Glory’s Mischief

First of all, you have to understand, I am NOT an artist – I am horrible at Pictionary – I just like trying new things. So I got all my supplies together and went to town. I drew on the window with dry erase markers, painted my black outlines and then filled everything in. Afterwards I sat down to enjoy my handiwork and have a cup of coffee. As I am staring at the painting, I slowly realize that my giant pumpkins look less like pumpkins and more like huge lady parts! Dear Lord help me! I began feeling frantic, hoping the neighbours don’t see it (honestly, how could they miss it even if they just glanced at my house!) I sent a photo of it to my daughter who is at school in Montana right now to get her opinion. She busted a gut laughing first and then wondered why I painted huge “hoo hoo’s” on my window and hoped that no one had taken a photo and posted it on Pinterest! *hangs head in shame* Seriously, it could have been a Hustler photo shoot!

Now remember, I said I had all the supplies minus the straight edge razor in order to take off the paint. So I grabbed the next best thing – my stainless steel bench scraper! Thank the Lord it worked like a charm! After about 15 minutes I got it all off. I was sweating bullets!

Finally, after catching my breathe, I downloaded a picture of pumpkins (see, I learned!) and used that as a template to start painting a new set of pumpkins. And I think they turned out pretty cute! In fact, I think I’ll keep decorating this window for all sorts of holidays — once I find pictures I can use as a template!

Lesson Learned: Always use a pattern!


6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Painting Faux Pas

  1. jana

    I’m really enjoying your blog, Michelle! Gorgeous pumpkins!
    And…..wow, those are some hoohoos!
    Seriously though, lm looking forward to what ur christmas window will look like too 🙂

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