Blogging for Kids

My son has been asking for his own blog lately. I was perplexed at how to make it work for him since he is 8. I wondered how to go about getting people to read his posts and have others he can interact with. My hubs brought home a book for me to read called “Making Connections with Blogging: Authentic learning for Today’s Classrooms” – it really helped me see the possibilities. Then I stumbled upon the Student Blogging Challenge by EduBlogs.

Twice yearly, in March and September a new Student Blogging Challenge begins. For 10 weeks, K-12 students are given tasks designed to improve blogging and commenting while connecting kids to a global audience. My son has made connections with people in Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Canada, and the USA so far. He is stoked to be writing AND getting responses from other kids.

The blogging challenge is open to classes AND to individual student bloggers around the world. You don’t have to be using Edublogs for your host either. We are in the second week – so it’s not too late to join! It would be very easy to catch up.

Register your child or children at:

A few places that you can create a free blog at:

Word Press:



Class Blogmeister:



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