Gardening Fail

I usually envision myself as a pretty good Mom, teacher, cook, and gardener. The reality is probably a bit different – but at least I try!

My last “try it” adventure happened “off the cuff” with really no planning at all. Therein probably lies most of the problem. My hubs and I were cleaning out all our “take it to the dump” stuff. We had even rented a truck for it. Thinking out loud I said, “hey I’d sure like a garden again” – and before I was even done with the sentence my sweet husband was off to the dirt mart to get a load of dirt. When he came back he smacked together some super-long boards and quick as a wink, I had a large, new raised garden bed.

What I had failed to do was research dirt. I mean, how hard could that be? Apparently, I was naive. The guy at the dirt store told my hubs he needed compost for the garden and promptly sold him a whole heap of stinky, smelly stuff. I figured it was a blend of compost and regular soil – but I was wrong yet again. So after planting my little seeds and seedlings they were all consumed by the hot, smelly stuff in my raised bed. Live and learn I guess.

What I learned – research FIRST – I am like the research queen around here – why didn’t I research it. Oy!! I understand that no matter how well you plan, sometimes things still go wrong – hence the quote “the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” – however, without ANY plans – you are definitely sunk!


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